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Bunny hop into Easter with some easy decoration ideas

I'm hop hop hopping into Easter like a mad woman high on chocolate and seasonal decorating! I've put together a little blog post about three little bunnies that I made, easily enough, but also if DIY isn't your thing I've got some BIY ideas too (Buy It Yourself!).

It wouldn't be Easter without a few bunnies thrown around the place. I thought a nice alternative to a door wreath - because, let's face it Christmas has those covered quite well - was to have a bunny on the door (or in my case three bunnies!). They come in fierce handy as 'easter bunny spies' if you're looking to blackmail small children into good behaviour as they report straight back to the 'chocolate egg depot' ;)

My pimmed up bunny template

I started with some beautiful linen that I picked up from Nook (fast becoming my favourite shop in Trim, Co. Meath). I cut out three different sized templates from cardboard (which you can see Edith customised), then traced around each one twice - for the front and the back. I grabbed three wool pom poms from my pom pom factory (i.e. a bag rammed full of wool shoved to the back of a cabinet awaiting some 'design' intervention from moi!). I sacrificed a very old cushion to make the stuffing for my little bunnies and grabbed the glue gun - this was my first time using a glue gun and now its on my Christmas wish list (along with a holiday in the Maldives, my moneys on the glue gun!).

Once I had glued roughly half way round a bunny, I stuffed it full of the sacrificed cushion (I did a little sacrificial dance just for good measure - this is optional of course) until they were all full, then glued the last piece. You may notice I had a little helper too! I had some plain linen ribbon left of from Christmas, but I grabbed these pretty gingham ribbons from Nook again. Whipped up a few bows and glued them to my little fat bunnies, lastly I added their tails! The pom poms were pretty big so I had to be extra generous with the glue on their butts! Once I had all my bits in place it only took a couple of hours to make, if you have more patience than me you can sew them together instead.

Ta Dah!!!!!

Bunnies keeping an eye on things from the outside.

I used some thin wire to hang tie them together and hang on the door. I reckon there's no chance of the Easter Bunny bypassing our house now!

If you're not feeling the joy of crafting before Easter, then here are a few decoration ideas that I found in the shops.

So, basically these are an unbelievably cute and much more professional version of my bunnies, and as an added bonus they are filled with beautiful smelling lavender. Get them quick at Nook, Trim, Co. Meath

These absolute eggy beauts are bang on honeycomb-trend and are from H&M Home. Hang them on a branch from your garden or a faux blossom branch like I have have done, my eggs are from Choice Stores and my felt chicks are at least 7 years old from John Lewis.

I came across these floral coasters in Zara Home, they're perfect for adding some colourful fun to your Easter table setting. However, just like Hetty the Hare lamp, these are not just for Easter! I did a quick run through Choice Stores and grabbed some bunny signs, eggs, chicks and a little green Easter basket. I filled the basket with some dry oasis, covered with moss and then made a mini egg hunt with all lads! It would make a gorgeous table centre piece (I say 'would' because as soon as the kids came home from camp they attacked it and now there are teeth marks on all the eggs - you'd think after the first one or two they'd realise they're fake!!)

So there you have my Easter styling for 2019, I'm off to wrestle a chocolate bunny from my children that they've been gnawing on since 8am... #motheroftheyear

Happy decorating!

Goose x






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