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Hi. I’m Ruth (aka Goose), I'm married and we have three kids. As well as being a mum, I'm also an interior architect, interior designer & stylist, and now a blogger! 

I studied for my degree in Interior Architecture in Cardiff, where I met my fabulous husband (excuse the out pouring of love but he’s likely to have to proof read this) while working in a restaurant in the evenings - I was a waitress, he came in for dinner with ten friends (have you got Human League ringing in your ears right about now?!) and the rest is history! As soon as I finished my degree I moved to London, where Andrew was living, to begin my career in design. I worked for a few architectural practices, a design studio doing some commercial, residential and hotel design, and finally Weldon Walshe Architects in Belgravia who specialise in high end residential.

After nine years in London, 24 years for Andrew, we decided to put our lovely 4-bed Victorian terrace in Balham on the market and take our two babies home to Ireland. I told a friend that we were moving home and she told me about a house she passed on her way to work every day which she loved and it was for sale... so we bought that one!! 

A few months later we were home and in our new house, getting accustomed with our two new pet donkeys, Lucy and Rabbit, who came with the house (I kid you not!). About a minute after we moved home we found out our third baby was on the way. So I began extreme nesting by mentally ripping everything out of our house and redesigning it to suit our young family. I say mentally because that kind of renovation takes a while to plan, and save for! We were in the house about 18 months when we started the work. We moved in with my folks - who were thrilled as you can imagine to have a family of five come live with them for three months. I waited until all our stuff was in before I told them the works would actually take four months; thats a little tip for ya right there. At least we left the donkeys at our place to keep an eye on the builders!

I set up my Instagram page one Monday afternoon, purely out of a need to be creative in some small way without fully launching myself back into work, and from that came this blog! So, I hope you enjoy.

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